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Bassett Healthcare Living Well Program

Bassett Healthcare Living Well Program

Late Fall 2022 Schedule of Workshops
No cost, just a 6-week commitment for adults in the BHN region 

Call: 607-547-3948 or email:                                                    or visit:

Living Well with Diabetes 

Online (Zoom): Tuesdays 5-7:30pm starting November 1, 2022

Mailed Toolkit with Phone Support: Tuesdays 1-2pm starting November 8, 2022

Living Well with a Chronic Condition 

Online (Zoom): Wednesdays 9:30-12pm starting November 2, 2022

Mailed Toolkit with Phone Support: Wednesdays 5-6pm starting November 9, 2022

Self-Paced Online (Better Choices, Better Health): Ongoing, you choose the start date

Living Well with Chronic Pain 

Online (Zoom): Mondays 5-7:30pm starting November 7, 2022

Mailed Toolkit with Phone Support: Mondays 10-11am starting November 14, 2022

Mailed Toolkit independent study available

To enroll online click Living Well Consent and Enrollment Survey

 URL-if link unavailable:

Support is a Phone Call Away

Bassett Healthcare Living Well Program 

Is pain interfering with life?  Join a Living Well with Chronic Pain workshop to learn ways to manage your symptoms of poor sleep, shallow breathing, inactivity, tense muscles, depression, fatigue, stress, and difficult emotions. Practical skills include using action plans to reach goals, coping with difficult emotions, and communicating more effectively. Tools include relaxation methods, pacing and planning, and the Moving Easy Program.

Contact the Living Well Program to join a free 6-week phone support group starting in November. More delivery modes are available, as well as a program for people living with chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, or COPD.

Call 607-547-3948; email ; or visit to learn more.

 There is no fee, just a commitment for six weeks to invest in your health.

“We all experience similar problems when trying to live with pain. I love my book and it definitely puts a lot of what I was finding hard to describe into words.”

~Living Well with Chronic Pain participant

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